Since 1960
state of the art
in packaging machinery

Comarme produces and sells worldwide end-of-line packaging machinery: case sealers, case erectors and pallet wrappers with related accessories for all the sectors where secondary packaging is applied.

The origins of the Company date back to the early 1900s and since the 1960s it has transformed and directed its core business in the design and construction of machines and equipment for the packaging sector and specifically in the carton box sealing sector with adhesive tape. In fact, Comarme is responsible of the modern concept of “taping machine” as it is universally recognized nowadays.

Comarme first began the production of taping machines on behalf of other brands, and then towards the second half of the 1980s, it produced under its own brand the entire range of taping machines which, with its own distribution network, it later sold all worldwide.

Following the acquisition of 100% of the company by Atlanta Stretch Spa in 2013, Comarme was able to expand its product offer with the entire range of pallet wrapping machines with stretch film, both in semi-automatic and in fully automatic version.
Strengthened by the success achieved on the markets around the world and the consequent increase in turnover, in 2020 Comarme acquired 100% of the capital of ICMI srl, another historic company that has been on the market for many years with its gummed paper taping machines , thus presenting to its new and historic customers a complete panorama of machines for the treatment of carton boxes and pallets in all its forms.

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